Key Theme

Safety in presence of evolution: design,  assessment and certification methods

Modern and future society witnesses a growing pervasiveness of sophisticated computer-based systems, whose influence in daily life is huge. Complexity, heterogeneity, scale and interdependence shown by such systems and the environment where they operate are source of potential vulnerabilities and threats. Another crucial requirement in achieving resilience of computer-based systems is managing the evolution of system configuration or environment during the systems’ lifetime. Accounting for all these aspects, which become mandatory when safety-critical domains are involved, results in unprecedented challenges to the design, analysis and validation of such systems.

The 33rd edition of SAFECOMP focuses on the challenges arising from the need to face evolution aspects in safety-critical systems. To address such challenges, specialized methodologies, techniques and tools assisting in design, validation and certification activities should be pursued, while simultaneously assuring correctness and timeliness of critical applications.Among the others, system adaptation and reconfiguration supported by sophisticated monitoring and reasoning infrastructures as well as enhanced assessment methods able to account for changes are receiving increasing impulse and interest in current research in resilient systems in general, including safety critical domains.

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